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At Revive on Oakview, our Facials include specialised serums and masks from Juvenate or Osmosis that are tailored to you and your skin’s needs.


Within each treatment, your skin gets exactly the nourishment it needs, and at the same time, you can enjoy some well-deserved pampering and relaxation.

We can provide a personalised treatment and homecare plan for your specific needs and pride ourselves on delivering extraordinary results with each individualised treatment, ensuring you receive nothing but the best!

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Gift Vouchers 


Treat someone special to a Gift Voucher from Revive on Oakview. Vouchers are available for our full range of services.​

The vouchers can be purchased and mailed anywhere and include any of our boutique services.


We pride ourselves on the beautiful packaging, and our vouchers make a divine gift.


Please complete the form below to personalise your voucher.

  • With so much information out there and so many products on the market, it's hard to know what's best for your skin. At Revive, we aim to share with you personalised skincare recommendations and are committed to helping you reach your goals.

    30 MIN - $55*

    Redeemable on products over $55.00

  • The ultimate pick me up for your skin. Perfect if you’re short on time and want fast results.

    Carefully curated to target all skin conditions with products and techniques to target skin concerns from acne through to ageing. Ideal for teen skin or those new to
    facials, and perfect to prep your skin before travel or pre-event.

    30min - $110.00

  • Clarifying facial to treat typical teenage skin problems. Gentle extractions are included if necessary

    30mins - $110.00

  • The perfect treatment for providing your skin with extra support and nourishment while encouraging healthy skin function. Unlike standard facials, our fails are
    designed to target the root causes of skin imbalances and strengthen your skin's immunity from within

    This treatment incorporates a deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation to detoxify the skin and remove redundant cell buildup and debris. Followed by an infusion of selected serums and creams were chosen specifically for your skin type and concerns and include a relaxing face, neck, shoulder and décolletage massage, ensuring total relaxation and maximum benefits.

    1 HR - $155.00

  • All the benefits of the Deluxe Facial plus a revolutionary infusion delivering the most potent form of Vitamin A for rapid cell turnover without inflammation or downtime. A tailored blend of high-dose active ingredients provides the ultimate remodelling, increasing circulation and rejuvenating the skin.
    All skin conditions, including ageing, acne, rosacea and pigmentation

    1HR - $220.00

  • LED Light Therapy is particularly beneficial in stimulating collagen production for great anti-ageing results (helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles), increasing clarity (reducing inflammation and promoting circulation), and rejuvenating your skin by improving overall moisture retention, hydration and skin texture. This clinically proven treatment can be used to improve:

    Ageing skin and rejuvenation |  Spots and blemish-prone skin/ Acne | Hyperpigmentation/ Pigmentation | Red and flushed skin | Sensitive skin conditions (Psoriasis, Eczema etc) | Accelerated healing | Pain and inflammation | Sun damage | Well-being

    30 MINS $35.00 or $169.00 for 6x treatments to be done within two weeks

  • LED 30min – 35.00

    Pressure point and scalp massage 15min - $35 | 

    Eye treatment for dark circles, puffiness and fine lines 15min $35.00

    Extractions 15min $35.00

Facial Treatments 

  • Eyebrow shape - $25

    Eyebrow tint - $20

    Eyebrow shape & tint - $40

    Eyelash tint - $25

    Eyelash tint, eyebrow shape & tint - $55

  • 15mins $45.00

    30mins $70.00


    Lip - $15

    Cheeks - $18

    Chin - $18

    Lip & chin - $30

    Lip, chin & cheeks - $40

    Brow & lip combo - $40




    Brazilian First - $60 

    Brazilian maintenance - $52

    Back wax - $50

    Extended bikini - $45

    Basic bikini - $35 

    Full leg - $65

    Half leg - $35

    Thigh - $55

    Full arm - $45

    Forearms - $35

    Underarm - $25.00

Other Treatments 

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